Grilled Alsatian Flatbread Pizzas

This month's Bon Appetit has some mouthwatering ideas for making pizza on the grill.

I will be trying all of them, however, today's recipe is for an Alsatian tart on pizza dough.

You can use Naan bread, or store bought pizza crust or make your own dough.......the idea is not to heat the oven in the summer.

Here is my Friday night version of pizza, Alsatian style.

Grilled Alsatian Flatbread Pizzas:

1 container of fresh ricotta (15 oz.)
2-3 leeks, sliced, white parts only
1/4 lb. pancetta or bacon, fried just until fat is rendered out (not too crisp)
sea salt & pepper
Parmigiano Reggiano
fresh thyme leaves
6 Naan flatbreads

Preheat the grill to medium-high heat.

If you are using fresh pizza dough, then you will need to heat a pizza stone on the grill.

Make your life easy for this recipe and use Naan bread or flatbread. :)

In a large heavy skillet, cook the bacon until the fat is rendered.
Add the sliced leeks to the skillet and cook on medium heat until the leeks are soft and golden.

Spread some ricotta on each flatbread almost to the edges. Season w/ sea salt & pepper.

Spoon the bacon leek mixture on top of the ricotta and sprinkle w/ Parmesan.

Add fresh thyme leaves to the top and drizzle w/ a little olive oil.

Grill for about 5 minutes only (check to make sure the bottoms are not burning).

These were delicious!


Stephanie said…
I think this is going to be on the menu for Father's Day dinner. Thanks for this easy recipe.
Anonymous said…
Hey Stacey: How to you manage the grill's heat? We are so happy with our infared grill but my pizza burned. I jacked up the heat to 450 degrees and threw the pizza on the grill. I thought shutting off the grill & closing the lid would lock in the temp. That didn't happen so I turned the gas back on. Now I went to B&B and purchased a T-Fal pizza pan after reading your previous blogs concerning cooking pizza on the grill. BTW... You have very pretty toes.
Stacey Snacks said…
I turn my infrared grill down to the BBQ mode, which brings it to have to monitor it, so it doesn't burn, however, you can use a pizza pan or aluminum foil works well too.....

Let me know....
PS, thank you, many people like my toes!

Carolyn said…
I just finished making these and they are ready to grill. I didn't have ricotta so used soft herbed goat cheese from TJ's. Bacon with green onions ( since I don't have leeks) with some sun dried tomatoes on pita. I am hoping the goat cheese doesn't melt and run off😀 Thanks!!