Spring Random Bites: Fun with Mustard & Avocados!

I was recently invited to Tasting Table's Test Kitchen to try Maille Mustard's new spring flavors.......

Carrot w/ Shallot; Beet w/ Honey; and Olive w/ Herbs de Provence; all from France. These amazing new flavors are my new obsession.

I have been swiping the carrot mustard on avocado toast and anything else I can find.

I roasted carrots recently, and made a dressing w/ the carrot mustard, a tsp of honey and a little olive oil.
Drizzle over the hot roasted carrots........so good!

I made "herring under a fur coat" which is a Russian composed salad with layers of beets, herring, chopped egg and potatoes, but instead of using potatoes, I used avocado!

Dressed with beet flavored mustard & spring chives from my hopeful garden.

Here, I roasted sweet potato wedges and made a Basque mayonnaise to dip.

Lay out sweet potato wedges and sprinkle w/ kosher salt & piment d'espelette (which is a Basque smoked paprika).
Drizzle w/ olive oil and roast in a 400F oven for 30 minutes, turning one time after 15 minutes.

I used Maille piment d'espelette mustard and mixed in equal amounts of Hellmann's mayo. Dab it on the sweets and sprinkle w/ some chopped cilantro and purple sage. These are the best!

So many recipes using these new spring flavored mustards dancing in my head.....

You can order the mustards here at Maille.com.

and last, but definitely, not least. I think I have perfected my avocado rose.
I will be doing a video and showing you how to soon!

Have a great weekend. :)


Unknown said…
I love your avocado rose. Looking forward to learn how to do that! Do you visit the Maille store in Paris? Every year I tell myself I am going but never make it. Maybe this September!!
Diane Hoey said…
Wow. That avocado rose is so pretty. Very impressive.
Amen Kahwajy said…
I may order some of these speciality Maille mustards, thanks for the link.
Will these mustards be the new pickled shallots and raisins?
Amen Kahwajy said…
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Stacey Snacks said…
Yes, I do visit the Maille store on Place de la Madeleine in Paris every September.....but now they are opened in NYC, and a new store is opening downtown. :)

Here is my Maille post from Paris.