Leftovers: Spaghetti Pie

It was pasta night last night.

I usually make half a box, or 8 oz. of pasta when cooking for the 2 of us.
That is not the standard measurement per serving. Weight Watchers would not like me as their spokesperson.

A half a pound of pasta should feed 4 normal people, but we are not normal. I swear, I could eat the entire pound of cooked spaghetti....and that goes for shells, farfalle, rotelle, you get the picture.

On the rare occasion that there is leftover pasta from last night, I tend to throw it out, because without tomato sauce it will be dry the next day.

Here's a great save. Make a spaghetti pie.
It's like a quiche. You throw in some milk, eggs, and cheeses to make a pie.

You can bake it in a pie dish or a cast iron skillet, just make sure you butter it well.

I usually make a pasta with vegetables. Here, I made a roasted broccoli & lemon pasta with anchovies and garlic. Perfect for the next day's spaghetti pie.

You don't have to measure, just make sure you have enough leftover pasta to fill a 9" pie dish.

Add in the leftover pasta w/ vegetables or sausage.......

Pour in 1 cup of milk & 3 eggs. Mix well.

I grated in 4 oz. of fontina cheese (mozzarella is good too), and 1/2 cup of grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Mix all together with the cheeses and season w/ black pepper.

Pour into the buttered pie dish and grind some fresh Parm on top.

Bake in a 400F oven for 35-40 minutes until the pie is puffed and golden.

Cut into slices and enjoy!

I am the leftover queen.


katrynka said…
I don't know who that amount of pasta is supposed to satisfy!! No normal people!! The pie looks yummy too!!
Bebe said…
I remember when our doctors thought we should see a nutritionist. (They were on a kick of having all patients see nutritionists. An HMO “wellness” offering.) She talked of pasta servings the size of a cigarette pack (an interesting measuring device, no?) and other severe limitations. We nodded a lot.

We are still a healthy pair with a few issues, well controlled. She had dull eyes, a gray, pasty complexion, with lank hair and very low energy. (Maybe she needed more pasta? :-) )

We are not worrying about our diet. “Moderation in everything - including moderation” (Julia Child).

I end up eating cold pasta, sauce and all. Barbarian. Your pie sounds quite delicious.
Stacey Snacks said…
I think you need to change doctors! LOL!

Connie Lysko said…
Looks delicious. We only cook 1/2 pound for the two of us and then add a very large salad....to fill us up. Pasta next to bread is our favorite.....but we try to be restrained. Thanks for the recipe....will try.
annette said…
Measure pasta? Not in the Italian home that I lived in! This sounds so good and I shall try it very soon if there is any pasta leftover. Love from another pasta queen.
Bebe said…
Stacey, just saw this and had to share it with you: A spaghetti and meatball sandwich at The Carving Board restaurant in Los Angeles. Grilled slabs of spaghetti instead of bread or bun.


No, haven’t tried it. It was featured in an email from Yelp.
Unknown said…
Leftover spaghetti is grew refried in butter or oil, with a little s&p and garlic.. Saute until a little crisp! Delicious as a side.....
Unknown said…
Sorry... Should be great refried....
Oui, Chef said…
HA..... this should be a Food52 Genius Recipe!