Open Faced Salmon BLT's w/ Avocado & Radish

Do you have any leftover salmon from yesterday's recipe?

I always save a little piece for breakfast or lunch the next day.

Here, I made open face Salmon BLT's and they were delicious.

Take some good bread and toast it up.

Spread w/ some mayo (I like Hellmann's).
Top with bacon slices, avocado, sea salt & radish.

Lay the cold salmon pieces on top of the open faced sandwiches and dig in.

So good.

The end.


Anonymous said…
Checking in to say I hope healing and PT are progressing nicely this week. Step away from the window - it's sleeting in Northern NJ :o(
Amen Kahwajy said…
About the only "leftover salmon" we ever have around here is the new grass Cajun deaded Americana band from out west. Check 'em out, if you like that sort of thing. Meanwhile, thanks, As always, for your blog.
Natalia said…
We don't have leftover salmon (anymore) but my husband is making gravlax as I write this.. so soon I can make this sandwich but with a slightly different tasting salmon. I'm ok with eating just an avocado sandwich while waiting!