Golden Beet & Goat Cheese Pizzas

I am calling these pizzas, only because of their shape.

These are a delicious healthy lunch and I used pita bread for the crust.
You can use any flatbread or Naan bread too.

I roasted some beets (golden and red together are nice), and once cooled and peeled, I sliced them and arranged them overlapping on pita bread rounds.

Layer with some watermelon radish to look even prettier.

Sprinkle around some chevre (goat cheese).
Throw some chopped walnuts or pistachios on top.
Season w/ sea salt & pepper.

Dress w/ balsamic syrup and olive oil and bake 10 minutes in a 350F oven, just to warm.

Garnish w/ fresh arugula or basil leaves.

These would make great make ahead appetizers too, cut into wedges.