Leftover Beef Stew? Make Pot Pies

I am getting off easy this a.m. No real recipe, just a good idea.

I have enough leftover beef stew from yesterday to make 3 pot pies.

It's so easy.

Just buy some frozen puff pastry or pie dough in the box.

I add a little bit of heavy cream the next day to the stew because it gets dried out in the fridge.
If you don't like cream with beef (think Bolognese sauce), then add some more beef stock to the stew.

Add in some defrosted peas, cooked potatoes or frozen pearl onions, or not......the world is your oyster (in this case, your pot-pie).

Roll out the defrosted pastry and cut it to fit the size of the oven proof casserole dish/dishes you are using.
You can also use ramekins for small lunch portions.

Fill the baking dishes with the stew and lay the dough over the form and tuck the pastry into the sides.

Cut out remaining strips of pastry into pretty shapes w/ cookie cutters for the top.

Vent some holes w/ a fork, and brush the tops with an egg wash (just a beaten egg).

Place the baking dish/dishes on a cookie sheet and cook for 25-35 minutes in a 375F oven until the pastry is puffed, shiny and golden brown.

These freeze beautifully for another time.
Just wrap the entire dish w/ foil (once completely cooled), and double w/ plastic wrap.

Even better than yesterday's dinner.

These pot pies are delicious!
Husband approved.


Unknown said…
What's great idea!! Am trying tonight