Honey Butter Baked Pears

Happy New Year!
It's time for some light desserts.......says the girl who bakes a cake twice a week.

These are simple roasted pears with some honey and butter.
Nothing fancy, but ohhhh so pretty.

A nice alternative to baked apples.

Pears are so pretty, I have never been a big fan, but I love their shape.

Anjous work best here (the slender pears w/ the brown skin).

Honey Butter Baked Pears (adapted from a Danish Christmas in Saveur):

4 Anjou pears
4 tbsp butter
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
sea salt
creme fraiche or heavy cream for drizzling (optional)

Peel and slice the pears in half.
I cut a little bit off the round bottom, so they lay flat.

Scoop out the seeds with a melon baller (easy).

Lay the pears on a parchment lined baking sheet.
Place a little piece of butter in each pear half.
Sprinkle w/ some sea salt and top with stems of thyme.

Drizzle the tops with some honey.

Bake for 20 minutes in a 400F oven.

Carefully flip over with a thin spatula and roast another 20 minutes until caramelized.

Serve immediately in bowls with cream or just plain.

They make a nice breakfast too with some granola.



Joanne said…
Happy New Year Stacy. These look amazing !

Anonymous said…
Hello Stacey

Happy New Year!! These pears look gorgeous. Will try.
Wanted to ask you for the olive oil muffins you posted on Instag.
did you use extra virgin or the pure colavita olive oil you usually use??

thanks! want to give that recipe a try .

Stacey Snacks said…

I used Halutza Israeli olive oil (avail at Walmart, believe it or not! my friend brought back for me from Israel, but found it online!)......however, Colavita extra virgin will work just fine.

I will be posting recipe soon....they are terrific.

Anonymous said…

Thanks so much for letting me know, appreciate it!