Broccoli Quinoa Patties

Leftover sauteed broccoli with garlic from dinner last night. check.
Leftover quinoa (I always make extra) from lunch the other day. check.

Add some eggs and cheese and other good stuff thrown in, and a quinoa patty cake is born.

These are delicious, simple, and a great grab and go breakfast or lunch.

You can dip them in ranch dressing if you like (I have never bought bottled dressing in my life, and certainly not RANCH!), or make a yogurt harissa sauce for them..........

or pair them with a new Maille Mustard flavor from France (yes, this is the real French stuff, not the stuff from Canada), Saffron Creme Fraiche w/ White Wine.

It is a mustard meant to go with Persian basmati rice and nuts and is very complex and delicious.

If you are a New Yorker, Maille has just opened a signature boutique on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, modeled after the Place de la Madeleine location in Paris! See post here.

They hand pump the mustard into beautiful reusable stoneware jars and they ship all over the country, so you can order online.

This special mustard was the perfect pairing to my broccoli quinoa cakes.
They make a lot (about 20 small patties), so we had them as snacks all week long.

Healthy and delicious.

Broccoli Quinoa Patties:

1 cup of cooked quinoa
1/2 head steamed broccoli (about 1 cup +), cut up into small pieces
3 eggs
handful of chopped scallions
1 small yellow onion, chopped fine
1/2 cup of dried breadcrumbs
1/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
salt & pepper

With wet hands, form small balls (about a tablespoon full).

Heat oil of your choice in a large skillet and place the balls in the pan, pressing down lightly with fish spatula.

Cook 3 minutes on medium heat, then flip and cook another 3 minutes.

Blot on paper towels and serve warm or cold with a schmear of mustard.



Jane said…
Hey, what's wrong with mustard from Canada!?
Stacey Snacks said…

There is NOTHING wrong w/ anything from Canada!! ha!

However, Maille will not allow the US to get the real stuff from France, all of the product comes from Canada, and it's a different flavor than the real deal.....

I love Canada, going to Montreal soon!

xo Stacey
Jane said…
Have fun in Montreal, especially Old Montreal. Thanks for the mustard info! I read you everyday!
Unknown said…
Hmm.. Canada grows more mustard than anywhere else in the world... That might be why Maille likes us!
Kathy Virok said…
I love trying your suggestions, you've tempted me to venture out of my boring morsels. I also like Pinning them to try later. Have you disabled the ability to Pin items from your blog? I thought I was able to do so in the past but lately, it's not working.
Stacey Snacks said…
Hi Kathy V.

You can still pin recipes on my site......

click on the title of the post then there should be a pin button in the upper left corner of each photo.........I hope it works for you!