What's for Breakfast: Grilled Figs w/ Yogurt & Pistachios

We are in the middle of fig season here in NJ, though my turkey fig tree has been producing for me all summer long.

This is the best breakfast (or dessert!) in my house.

Sometimes you get a batch of figs that are not perfectly sweet. If that is the case, then grill them or roast them.
I promise it will revive them!

I slice the figs in half and grill them in a grill pan coated w/ coconut oil (just like the grilled peaches).
2 minutes on each side.

You can make this with any yogurt you like, Greek or regular.

I have gone back to eating Dannon yogurt lately. I grew up on it, and it only has 2 ingredients: non-fat milk and pectin.

Place yogurt in bowls and top with the warm, grilled figs.

Sprinkle chopped pistachios on top and drizzle with honey and mint leaves.

Close your eyes and you feel like you are in Greece! (I may have gone a bit too far there).



Anonymous said…
My neighbors tree Floyd is COVERED in figs, but they're still little, and green. They're going on a 2 week vaca in Italy soon and I've been commissioned to eat all the figs if they FINALLY ripen during that time. I'm not optimistic - I just don't think these little buggers are going to *come to term*. And disappointed - I'd LOVE to eat 'em all up! What's your prediction, Ms. Snacks?