Fig, Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

You would be surprised at the amount of people that ask me what I do with the figs I grow and buy at the farmer's market.
The answer is "I eat them".

They are not some foreign object or scary thing, they are a fruit. You can eat them plain, you don't have to bake a galette or make a salad, or be frightened of them.

My turkey figs did very well this season, as opposed to other years. But I also buy figs at the markets when I see them, I can't resist.

Here, I made a simple salad w/ my fresh Jersey heirloom and cherry tomatoes, fresh locally made mozzarella cheese, and ripe figs.

I made a simple dressing with some high quality fig vinegar and olive oil, some opal basil, thyme flowers, sea salt & pepper.

Pretty and delicious salad.


There is something very special about buying figs, as if you were buying precious stones or miniature works of art, I can rarely resist :)
So looking forward to seeing you and H in a few weeks time