End of Summer: Peaches w/ Prosciutto & Basil

Not only did I wear white pants this weekend (a crime after Labor day here in NYC.....), but I was able to score some Jersey white peaches too!!!

I still have plenty of basil in the garden, though it is getting faded and is bolting.

This is the best summer lunch or appetizer, idea stolen from my friend Steve.

I used both Genovese basil (big green leaves), and Opal Ruffled variety (so pretty).

Slice the peaches or nectarines into thick slices and wrap a half slice of prosciutto or speck around each slice.

Lay each slice on a basil leaf.

Drizzle w/ balsamic syrup (not vinegar) and put some fancy toothpicks in each one.


I think it's now time for some fall recipes.


Anonymous said…
This looks delicious! We still have peaches in Michigan. Are you going to Paris this fall? I always look forward to your Paris posts.