Buzzing around Paris....Les Fêtes du Miel

What am I doing besides eating, drinking and shopping in Paris?
I am going to honey festivals.

Every September, I seem to miss the honey on sale made from the bees at the Jardin du Luxembourg.
They sell out quickly, there is only a small window in which to purchase it.

My reader Carolyn from Seattle is in Paris for the month (lucky girl), and she emailed to remind me of Les Fetes du Miel on the weekend!

Merci Carolyn. :)

We visited the bees in their antique houses that live in the garden and work on keeping the flowers, pears, and apples all so beautiful. These bees are hard at work.

There is an Apiary Society in Paris, and a long history about the bees in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Since the honey is so scarce, and only sold once a year in September, they only allow you to buy one jar per person.

So, I pretended not to know Henry, so he could buy a jar too.
They didn't believe us, but they laughed and let us buy 2 jars.




Anonymous said…

Loving all the pics on Instagram and the great stories on your blog. Feels like I am in Paris as well , thank you!!

I would do the same thing about buying the honey !! lol



Natalia said…
Great story Stacey. We have bee hives at our Catskills house and they look a bit different than the ones in your photos. The French hives look fancier.. but I guess in the end it doesn't matter, as long as the honey tastes good! ;)
Unknown said…
Hi Stacey,
Look forward to your trip every year. I sent you a comment after Christmas regarding the red Fermiere yogurt pots we found when searching for the blue pots while we were on a Christmas Market trip.

Since you love the Luxembourg Gardens I hope you have seen the magnificent tree growing horizontally in the Garden along the running path inside the entrance near the musee du Luxembourg and Angelina restaurant.

Also, in the Marais district is the Musee Carnavalet at 23 rue de Sevigne which is dedicated to the history of Paris containing many antique signs which once were used throughout the city. Beautiful, small, intimate museum. Enjoy for all of us.

Karen B.
Anonymous said…
Naughty Ms. Snacks!

Stacey Snacks said…
Yes, Le Carnevalet is our favorite museum. We went to the Marais this can follow me on instagram to see my daily eats and photos........we don't miss a beat, coming for the 10th September!
Carolyn said…
You were lucky to get the real deal when you were at Luxembourg !! They were out of it when I was there so substituted another honey with a snap on plastic lid, not suitable for traveling. I think I will give it to Mimi, she will make something wonderful with it. I will say Hi to her for you. Have a good trip home.