Americans in Paris

How funny to fly 3642 miles, from New York to Paris to meet someone from Minnesota.

I love when you get to meet other bloggers, friends that you know only thru email, facebook and reading their blog.

That is the case w/ Eileen Troxel, the author of Living Tastefully.
An amazing baker and cook from St. Paul, Minnesota, whose blog I have admired for 7 years.

I love the mutual admiration society.

It's nice to find out that Eileen is a fan of my blog too.
And since we are both Francophiles, let's finally meet in Paris!! and that we did.

I hosted a little soire at the Paris apartment for Eileen and her husband Bill. The other invitees could not make it.
Their loss.

Since I don't cook while on vacation, what should I serve?

How about some good wine and cheeses, some spreads for a baguette, an Alsatian onion tart, and I will make some grilled tartines w/ some stale bread, Tomme de Brebis (sheep's milk cheese) and fig jam (I know how to use the oven here).

Buy some stuffed peppers w/ tuna in a jar (so good) at the Franprix (grocery store) and some nice desserts from the Boulangerie on the corner.

We are all set.
Luckily, there are beautiful vintage champagne flutes and antique china to serve on.

Comte, saucisson, a fresh baguette, mirabelle tarts and good French champagne.

What else do you need in life? (Maybe some clean underwear if you are my mother instructing me about life).

It was a wonderful evening meeting new/old friends and creating memories, made even better, because we are here in Paris!


Sounds fabulous. Your apartment is so pretty too. I don't cook very much on vacation either, especially with so many wonderful foods to bring home when in France.
Renate Schulte said…
Sounds wonderful in that beautiful setting...last year Eileen and I visited Corey Amaro in provence and had a wonderful time as you both have had...So nice to see the apt., travel and meet new friends! said…
Dil and son,

What a lovely apartment!! You know how to travel and enjoy. Everything sounds fantastic. Have a safe trip home to a "normal life"... ha!

Eileen said…
It was a fantastic evening, meeting and spending time with Stacey and Henry! Uh... can I pencil this in again for next year? Corresponding with Stacey for seven years, then finally meeting face à face, in Paris no less, was fantastic! (And the Eiffel Tour view from their balcony didn't hurt either). It all has made for a very special trip!
Patsy said…
Stacey, you are the entertainer extraordinaire. You make it all look so easy, but tres elegant! Come to Italy when you're done there. We'll throw an italian soiree for you and Henry!