Crazy for Caprese

I am crazy for Caprese salads in the summer.

Pairing ripe Jersey tomatoes w/ fresh mozzarella and basil is what summer is all about.

I have 3 varieties of basil growing in my herb garden so I am always prepared.

There are so many ways you can serve this combination, but I like the spiral thing these days.
A panzanella salad w/ some cucumbers from the garden and toasted bread cubes added to the tomatoes & cheese, presented in a circle.

Or an antique ironstone compote w/ overlapping tomato slices and cheese.

Stacks are always nice........with some kalamata olives and my big leaf basil leaves.............

A simple plate of marinated cherry tomatoes with chunks of fresh mozzarella and opal basil.

and no summer party is complete without these Caprese skewers!

If you have never tried a Jersey tomato, you are missing out.
I am sure you can find another type of juicy summer variety, but Jersey tomatoes are really the best. :)


Katie C. said…
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love all those ways you showed with our beautiful Jersey tomatoes. What will we do once summer's bounty is gone? Back to salads without tomatoes!
Christine said…
Delicious! Just wondering...looks like the mozzarella on the skewers in the last pic have been marinated in something. Care to share what? I've been looking for such a recipe before the summer's over!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful and yummy. Do you have a recipe for marinating the grape tomatoes?
Stacey Snacks said…
I think when I made these years back, I used bocconcini that was marinated in the container (Trader Joe's used to sell them)........the pic is from my blog from a few yrs ago.
A little Italian seasoning, oil, kosher salt & a splash of white balsamic would make a good marinade for the cheese too.