Bocconcini w/ Fresh Figs & Speck Skewers

Here they are, for a few short weeks beloved figs!

My fig tree is doing very well this summer, and I am hoping to beat out the squirrels and birds!

This is my new favorite appetizer of the summer (I always have one!).
Sad, that I can only eat these for about 4 weeks, since figs have the shortest season in NJ (what doesn't?).

These are so easy to put together.

Marinate some sliced fresh figs (Black Mission is my favorite) in a few tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar, a few tablespoons of olive oil and sea salt & pepper. (Use a non-reactive glass or porcelain bowl, not metal). Let the figs sit for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Thread wooden skewers with little bocconcini (mozzarella balls), speck (which is smoked prosciutto), a marinated fig half and a fresh basil leaf.

Just before serving, pour the reserved marinade over the skewers. Serve at room temperature for maximum flavor.

Happy happy figgy summer. :)


These are going on the menu for Friday's tapas party! Thanks, Stacey!
Eileen said…
We are going to have to talk figs in Paris! I've become obsessed with my own recently purchased plants and have many, many questions.