August Random Bites

Sorry to inform you, but we are in the home stretch of summer.

The crickets are getting louder, and the days are getting shorter....Labor Day is right around the corner, so enjoy every last minute of August.

I don't do a lot of indoor cooking during the dog days of August, mostly outdoor grilling and salads.

Serve up some watermelon slices and top w/ chopped kalamata olives, good feta cheese and fresh mint leaves.
I drizzle balsamic syrup over the tops just before serving.

Salty and sweet. So refreshing.

Salads are an easy cool dinner in August....

Here, I made a Greek salad with garden cucumbers, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, thin slices of red onion and toasted pita.

I made a simple red wine vinegar dressing w/ dried Greek oregano and added feta cheese.


We were invited to a BBQ and instead of serving burgers and dogs, my friend Sally made these fantastic cedar planked grilled salmon club sandwiches.

Think BLT with slices of crisp bacon, grilled salmon, herbed mayo, butter lettuce and Jersey tomatoes on grilled bread, served warm.
My new favorite!

And file this one under GREAT ideas:

I saw Donatella Arpaia's instagram feed and stole her idea.

I had no bread in the house on a weekend morning, but I always have hot dog buns in the freezer for my twice a year grilled hot dog (the rolls are gross, I know).

Defrost them and flatten then, so they resemble brioche or white bread.

Dip them in a batter of egg, milk and cinnamon sugar.
I fried them in coconut oil in a cast iron skillet.

Topped w/ blueberries, almonds and maple syrup.

Henry didn't know what hit him!



I love all of these, especially how you've presented the watermelon slices. It was you that first introduced this salad to me and I've been thanking you every summer since then.
Patsy said…
Stacey, on our last day in Spring Lake trying to use up all of the remaining food we bought, Debbie and I cooked up two packages of hot dog roll french toast following your recipe. Honestly, I may never use regular bread again. Something about the texture that was amazing. And so easy. Thanks for the idea.
Diane Hoey said…
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