Taco Tuesday: Chicken Tacos

Don't get too excited.

We are not making Tuesdays a regularly scheduled taco night.
However, I had leftover roast chicken, so why not?

I feel tacos are best made with warm soft corn tortillas, but my market didn't have them, so I used the hard shells instead.

It's not rocket science, but everyone loves these for some reason.

Here's how:

Take some garden tomatoes and cut them up and add them to a cut up ripe avocado in a bowl.
Sprinkle w/ kosher salt and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Set aside.

I make a crema with some sour cream, minced garlic and fresh cilantro.

Spread some of the "crema" into the taco shells and then some shredded roasted chicken on top.
Next add in the tomato avocado mixture.

I like to finish it off w/ Trader Joe's green salsa verde (so good).

This is a kid friendly and husband friendly meal.

Henry happy.


Bebe said…
Stacey, where do you shop that they don’t have soft corn tortillas!!!!

Years ago we Southern Californians used to send CARE packages of Mexican ingredients to a friend at Radcliff, but by now we expected this stuff was available everywhere. Trader Joe’s has some very good ones. Or were they just out?

Your taco look and sound so good. We like these with leftover roast chicken, leftover beef (steak sliced thinly), and on and on… So good!
Stacey Snacks said…
My grocery store (Kings) has whole wheat, white flour, gluten free, but not corn soft tortillas! I have to make a trip to Trader Joe's to buy them!
NJ is not a taco zone, I guess!

Bebe said…
When I moved to Seattle many years ago, I naively assumed that they’d have everything for Mexican food - and that we could buy wine at the market whenever we chose. Silly me. The only tortillas available were in tins by Reese’s, sold in the gourmet foods section at gourmet prices. (And not v. good.) The other ingredients were hopeless. And although the wine was on display every day, it was hands off on Sunday.

We do live in a very big, very diverse (and sometimes insular) country, don’t we…

The last time I visited my good friend in her village near Houdon (France), she asked me to bring everything I could think of for a Mexican lunch, which she had in her garden for all of her French friends - to celebrate my birthday. They loved it! That was before 9/11 and all the airport security. I wonder what they’d think now when they scanned a bag with all that strange-looking stuff in it?
Unknown said…
Do try tacos with shredded white cabbage, which is also what I put on my fish tacos.
Patsy said…
I was INDEED excited by that subject line. Can't we please do tacos every Tuesday??
LG O'Connor said…
Yum! Even I can make these :-)