Stuff on Toast Post

Crostini, Bruschetta, Tartines, anything smeared on toast is delicious.

I think the key to the best toast starts with using the best bread.

Avocado toast has its very own category on instagram, #avocadotoast.

Everyday, I think of something new to pair w/ my morning avocado.

Seasonal avocado toast w/ spring radishes and chives, topped w/ pansies (yes, they are edible).

Right now, I am using what I have available in my spring garden, which isn't much yet, except a ton of fresh herbs, kale and some radishes.

Here I made a ramp pesto with the last of the ramps (see you next year!) and mixed a little in w/ fresh ricotta.

Schmeared it on toast, topped w/ some skinny radish slices, chives, Himalayan salt, and a drizzle of good olive oil.

More avocado toast........

Simple is best.
Just some sea salt & opal basil chiffonade from my garden. Yum.

and the piece de resistance......fresh spring broccolini crostini.

It's just baby broccoli. Don't remove the leaves, just trim the bottoms off about an inch.

Steam for 4 minutes. Then saute in garlic and olive oil.

Smear good toast w/ mayo, top with the broccolini, shaved hard boiled egg and a boquerone (marinated anchovy). Sprinkle of your favorite sea salt if you dare.

This is by far the most delicious crostini ever.

What's on your toast this morning?


Tracy S said…
You make these all look so pretty! Love them, especially the addition of pansies!
Natalia said…
I agree with you re: bread. My favorite bread as of late is 12 grain from Whole Foods, and although I don't eat a lot of bread the loaf I buy doesn't last a week in our household. Between the sandwiches the kids make & the charcuterie platter my husband has after work almost daily (with bread in place of crackers) it's gone quickly.

This looks yummy! I love your apron!
I'll have one of each. They are all beautiful and I'm sure they are delicious. Yum.
Bebe said…
Look wonderful. I am doing avocado toast once again at breakfast. Yum. And no sugar high from jam or honey.

On those pansies (or any other flowers added to foods), they must never have been near any kind of pesticide.

Off to find some wonderful new bread!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I love all those toasts you post, and you're so right about good bread. The slices you show look perfect!