Vegetable & Polenta Terrine

This is the best way to use up last night's polenta and veggies.

I had plenty of steamed asparagus and nice creamy polenta leftover from dinner last night.

Here's how:

In an oiled terrine (small ceramic loaf pan), layer the creamy polenta (while it is still warm, so it is spreadable) and top with whatever cooked vegetables you have leftover.

Here, I used asparagus and Italian semi dried tomatoes.
Add a layer of your favorite cheese (I used Gruyere). Season w/ salt & pepper.

Spread another layer of polenta on top of the veggie layer and press down.

Cover the terrine and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, bake the terrine in a 350F oven for about 25 minutes, until warmed thru.

When cooled a bit, turn the loaf pan over, the terrine should come out easily.

Cut into slices and serve w/ pesto or tomato sauce.

This is a great lunch w/ a salad.

I have made this before w/ leftover grilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese, also delicious!



Natalia said…
You should definitely open up your own restaurant, or at the very least publish a cookbook. I love how your imagination works - I would never have thought of doing this with leftover polenta!
Love this take on a terrine-- a great main dish here on Vegetarian Island.