Spring Salad

I am so happy that I can finally find some pretty seasonal produce.

This is a big bowl of spring.

Spring peas; radishes from my garden; baby rainbow carrots; my baby kale & local asparagus.

This was my first time roasting radishes.
Roasting them took the bite out of them, and they had a mellow peppery flavor.

Not sure if I would do it again, but it certainly added nice color to the bowl and an interesting flavor.

Baby rainbow carrots are a beautiful thing.

I love using them in recipes.
They are spicy, pretty and delicate.....don't over roast them, or they won't keep their beautiful color.

My rule is 400F for about 20 minutes. Pretty much the same rule for all roasted veggies.

Drizzle w/ olive oil and kosher salt.

Salad components:

bunch of baby kale
bunch of asparagus
bunch of baby carrots, cut in half
1/2 cup of spring peas (or defrosted petit pois)
a few radishes, cut in half

Peel and trim asparagus spears and steam them like I showed you. Let cool and cut into diagonals.

On a large baking sheet, lay out the carrots and radishes (both cut in halves). Drizzle w/ olive oil and sprinkle w/ kosher salt.

Roast at 400F for 20 minutes.

My dressing is pretty nothing.

Some creme fraiche w/ lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, cumin, cilantro and harissa......sorry to be so vague, it is what it is.

Place the baby kale in a big bowl.

Add in the cooled asparagus pieces, the peas and the roasted radishes and carrots.

Drizzle w/ the nice cool dressing and serve.


Joshua Hampton said…
Wow. That does look like a gorgeous bowl of veggies.