Company Asparagus

"I am having company over for dinner", does anyone say that anymore?
I don't think so, but if you still say that, then make this dish.

I have been known to eat asparagus only now thru June.

California spears have been wonderful lately, none of that stuff w/ the purple rubber bands from Peru (that you can get all year, and tastes like nothing).

May-June is local asparagus here in the Garden State (NJ), and that is a real treat if you can find it.

I like to peel the bottoms of my asparagus, it is prettier, and just tastes better.

Also, I have a trick to steaming asparagus, if you don't have an asparagus steamer (like me).

Take a saucepan and fill w/ 2" of water.
Bring the water to a boil, and stand up the asparagus spears, leaning on the side of the pot.

This way, the tips will just steam, instead of becoming too wet and submerged in the water, which can tear the tender tips after being boiled.

Steam for 6 minutes, then remove with tongs to a platter. The tips will stay tight and stems will be nice and tender. I promise.

Lay the steamed asparagus on a pretty platter and drape with good quality smoked salmon.

Make a mustard dill sauce with some French grainy mustard (about a tablespoon), then add in some heavy cream to thin the mixture.

Add some rinsed capers and fresh dill and voila! you have your mustard dill sauce.

Drizzle this all over the asparagus and salmon on the plate. Garnish w/ fresh dill and serve.



Bebe said…
We get wonderful asparagus. I prepare mine by peeling the lower half of the stalks and placing them in a large open skillet with about a half inch or so of boiling water. When they droop a bit when lifted with tongs (about 4 minutes), they are done. Drain on paper towel on platter and then butter or sauce them… perfect every time.
Bebe said…
PS to #1: Let the water continue to simmer after asparagus has been added.

This quintessential Virgo detailist forgot to include that bit.
I am loving this dish & I totally agree on how to cook asparagus.
That is beyond beautiful and I love how the sauce sounds!
Natalia said…
Mouthwatering & a must try!
Eileen said…
I was able, for the first time, to make cream of asparagus soup with asparagus from our garden! Finally getting something to work with...