Roasted Citrus

Daylight savings happened (my favorite holiday!), and I can feel spring is coming....though I still have 2 feet of snow still waiting to melt and a refrigerator drawer full of winter citrus.

Why not roast them?
I've never tried that before, but I am the queen of roasting grapes (which are so good btw), so why not roast something else sweet?

Marie did it and served it with roasted shrimp which looked so good.

What I will do with these beauties is unknown, maybe pair them w/ some roasted salmon? or on some waffles w/ yogurt? I will keep you posted.

Here's how:

Slice citrus into thinnest rounds, removing any pits.
I used grapefruit, blood oranges, clementines and lemons.

Lay on a baking sheet lined w/ parchment paper.
Drizzle w/ olive oil and sprinkle w/ sea salt & some sugar.
I also used herbs de Provence.

Roast in a 400F oven for 13-14 minutes until caramelized (keep an eye so they don't burn).

Let cool and enjoy.

Can be stored in the fridge, if they last that long.



Anonymous said…
Yes DO keep us posted on the taste of these pretties.

Read your take on the Piglet controversy this morning - I'm an 'anonymous' that can keep commenting, right?

I didn't find Adam's graphic novel review ugly. And he did cook from both books to contrast and compare.

Someone else said that Mimi's book is *Goopyfied* and that sounds just about right.

Mimi's recipes are too 'intensely French', as Adam wrote, for me. That's not a criticism at all - I'm only being honest about MY limits. I'd never cook from the other dessert book either - just not my area of kitchen activity.

I guess the only really sensible way to *criticize* a cookbook is on the basis of its recipes.

But maybe not. Nowadays people also buy them, use them, as coffee table books. Bedside table books. Something to dream on. And in THAT capacity, Mimi's book is legitimate.

I like Tim over at Lottie+Doof on the controversy. Shake it up a bit! Make it new! Boring is boring! Enuf with the vanilla girl problems!

Then again, it's easy for me to talk and be critical. I'M not doing the heavy lifting of blogging or cookbook writing. You, Ms. Snacks, are doing that work.

But then again, where would you be w/o your followers, you faithful readers?

And what could be more boring than everybody just being perfectly behaved and complimenting every little move you make?

I DO understand why you want 'no complaining' here but I also believe that your *rule* creates an artificial sycophantic atmosphere in the comment section. You are not alone -almost all the woman bloggers I read do the same thing.

But that monitored, edited comment section IS part of the *BORING* I think Tim is writing about. I don't know exactly how to get around it.

Kinda depressing - women and their GOOD MANNERS.

Interesting topic. All about technology & social media more than anything else. Hope my meandering didn't piss you off :o) !!!

Stacey Snacks said…
You are always allowed to complain and comment here.......I just don't like mean spirited people commenting about my religion, hairstyle (what style?), and personal attacks on me.

Regarding the Mimi thing.....we feel Mimi should not have repsonded in a blog post rant regarding Adam's comic strip, which was hysterical, but a bit mean and personal.

Mimi and I spoke about it in email, and Pandora's box has been opened, so too late to take the post down......I told her I didn't feel it was "sexist", more class envy, maybe. If she was ugly, fat and poor, who would want to read her blog?!!!

I told her she has the Gwynnie syndrome, everyone loves to hate her.
She has a gazillion fans and her book is a best seller, so what does she care? There are always going to be haters out there.

I work very hard on my little blog of 7 years, for very little money (no Mimi bucks here....) and I don't need the bullshit. If you don't like me, don't read me.

and if you would give me your FUCKING EMAIL address already, we don't need to waste my comment section on these long topics! Or call me on the phone!!!

Let's save this space for the real haters!

Lisa said…
This looks great! I'm sure it makes the house smell wonderful too. I currently loving Cara Cara oranges, so I think I would try it with those and blood oranges.
Anonymous said…
My dear Ms. Snacks you KNOW I'm too *shy* for direct contact!

But I love when you talk all down and Dirty Jerzey to me :o)

You keep cooking/writing/EATING and I'll keep reading/commenting.