Pickle Some Eggs

Why is it when spring comes I want to pickle eggs?

I guess I want bright pretty colors in my life after the winter from hell.

I cheat and buy some Aunt Nellie's pickled beets in the jar.
The liquid already has the vinegar and sugar in it, and the bonus is that I get to eat the pickled beets out of the jar! win win.

Just hardboil some eggs (10 minutes is fine), and peel them.

Pour the beet juice over the warm eggs and let them sit in the red liquid for up to 2 days (no more or they will become tough).

These were only in the pickling juices for 30 minutes, and they just got a nice little rim of pink.

The longer they sit, the firmer and pinker the eggs will become.

Slice them and serve with some of the pickled beets or toss w/ smoked salmon in a pretty salad.

Makes me happy.