Valentine's Day Crostini: Ricotta & Blood Orange w/ Pistachios & Mint


Here is your Valentine crostini to make for your sweetheart's lunch.
And if you don't have a sweetheart, then make it for yourself.

I love using seasonal ingredients (and really, what is seasonal in the winter, except for citrus!).

I've bought my 4th bag of Sunkist Blood Oranges at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago, and they have been very useful.

The produce guy at Trader Joe's told me since I posted that Blood Orange Upside Down Cake, they have sold out of blood oranges daily! Now that's a compliment!

I could eat this everyday for lunch (and I will for the next few days), this is so delicious.

I received a bottle of French pistachio oil for my birthday (thank you Sarah!), and I have been using it like crazy......a little goes a long way.

Ricotta & Blood Orange Crostini w/ Pistachios & Mint (adapted from this recipe):

little toasts (any bread you like)
blood oranges, peeled and sliced (don't worry if some of the segments fall apart)
fresh ricotta cheese (I like Trader Joe's brand in a pinch)
chopped pistachios
fresh basil or mint, sliced into chiffonade
pistachio oil (optional)
sea salt

Toast up your favorite bread and swipe with fresh ricotta.

Lay sections of the peeled blood oranges on top.

Crumble on some chopped pistachios and drizzle with honey.

Mint is best here, but I couldn't find any (but I found basil in the winter? I know, odd). Drop some herbs on top of the crostini and drizzle a very small amount of pistachio oil for extra flavor.

A pinch of sea salt on each toast brightens them up.

Serve immediately.

Kiss Kiss.
Happy Valentine's Day.



SarahBTT said…
Will you make me these when I come over???
Lynn R. said…
I think I bought all the blood oranges at Trader Joe's! I have made both of your blood orange cakes and numerous salads from your blog.

They have been the highlight of my winter!

Thank you Ms. Snacks.