Pasta w/ Hot Smoked Salmon, Fried Capers & Arugula

What's a girl to do with a pound of leftover kippered (hot smoked) salmon from Russ & Daughters?

I can't keep eating it on a bagel w/ a schmear of cream cheese, so I made a big bowl of pasta and fried some capers.

Fried capers?
Um, where have you been all of my life, and how did I never try you before?

Frying briny capers makes them crisp and gets that vinegar taste out. They get nice and crunchy and are addictive.
They fry up in 2 minutes time and are a great addition to any pasta or salad.

Do it.

The kippered salmon question.
What is it?

I grew up with it, cause it's a Jewish thing (and also a Scandinavian thing, which I am not).
It's hot smoked, therefore is cooked, but still has that smoked flavor. I love it. It's very rich, so beware.

Russ & Daughters?
If you are in NYC, I suggest you visit this fantastic 100+ year old institution, which sells (and mail orders) the BEST smoked fish and chopped liver and whitefish salad on the planet.

We go only once a year, but this year we had it delivered for my husband's birthday party.
Hence, the leftovers.............

This pasta dish is wonderful and super easy.
Best eaten at room temperature.

You can certainly use regular leftover cooked salmon, or regular Norwegian smoked salmon (belly lox).

Pasta w/ Hot Smoked Salmon, Fried Capers & Arugula: (adapted from BBC Good Food)

1 lb. pasta (spaghetti, fusilli, farfalle)
1 lemon, zest and juice
3 tbsp capers
olive oil for frying
red onion or shallot, chopped
big handful of arugula
1/2 lb. leftover cooked kippered or regular smoked salmon
peas (optional)
cherry tomatoes, halved (I didn't have them, but will add them in next time for color!)

Start by frying your capers while the pasta is boiling.

Coat a heavy skillet w/ olive oil and fry the capers for 2-3 minutes. Use a splatter screen, or your stove will be a mess. They should be golden brown and crispy.
Drain w/ a slotted spoon and set aside.

Save the oil.

In the same pan, heat the zest and juice of a lemon, while the oil is still hot. Add in the chopped red onion and shallot. I never turned the gas on, because my pan was nice and hot.
You can add some garlic if you like (like the original recipe says), but I despise garlic on fish. :(

Drain the pasta to a big bowl and pour over the lemon shallot oil and toss.

Break up the leftover salmon and add to the bowl with the fried capers and arugula.
I also added in peas for sweetness (I love salmon w/ peas!).

Taste and adjust seasonings.



Stacy Silver said…
I love Russ & Daughters, and love kippered salmon! SO GOOD! I want this!
Anonymous said…
My New Year's resolution - a meal @Russ & Daughters in 2015! I wanna try one of those wacky 'beet shrubs' & eat more whitefish salad than is legal. Maybe I'll see you there, Ms. Snacks!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You could send me that extra salmon! I need more bagels and shmears in my life. When I first had fried capers (at Enoterra, with fried artichokes and fried lemon slices), I thought they were fabulous too. What a good idea to put them in this dish.