Grapefruit Brulée

I'm being fancy calling this "bruléed" instead of just "broiled" grapefruit."

I received a big box of Florida citrus, and since I don't love grapefruits, I figured I would broil them with some raw sugar on top.

Kind of defeats the purpose right?

Remember the grapefruit diet back when?

Too much grapefruit gives me canker sores.
Too much information, sorry.

These were delicious, and I would even serve them for dessert if I was desperate.

Grapefruit Brulée:

Slice grapefruits in half, and section out the pieces with a grapefruit knife, placing them back into their slots (I have Henry do this, he is a pro).

Lay in a baking dish and sprinkle with turbinado (raw) sugar.

Broil about 3" from the flame for about 4 minutes until bubbling and getting caramelized.

Let cool a bit before serving.

Very tasty!


I haven't made this for breakfast in years. How fun to see it on your blog this morning. I remember dribbling Kirsh on them and then sticking them in the broiler. We loved them in the day. Now we take meds that interfere with grapefruit and haven't eaten it in a very long time. One every once in a while is ok according to the doc, so I may try this for old time sake.
Anonymous said…
My mom, youngest son, and I are all are prone to canker sores - they're the WORST. Since following my dentist's advice, and only using toothpaste w/o SLS, I almost never get them anymore. Before switching, there were weeks when I could hardly eat! Take my advice and give me all your grapefruits - LOVE THEM!
Natalia said…
Mmmm.. I am not fond of grapefruits (much prefer oranges!). I happened to have 2 sitting around so this morning after reading your post, made myself a broiled grapefruit per your recipe. Delicious!