How to Poach an Egg?

Don't ask me the best method to poach an egg, because I stink at it.

I have tried the white vinegar and create a whirlpool, stirring and stirring with no success.
My egg always falls apart.

I have tried the plastic wrap method (click here, it's weird), and it works well enough, but it freaks me out to heat plastic in boiling water.

This dish was just dumb luck.

My friend Sarah sent me this link on how to poach the perfect egg.
It's all in the straining, my friends.
It really works.

Here is the link from Serious Eats.

So, after 4 tries, and 4 failed attempts, my 5th egg finally turned out poached.

I paired it with smoked salmon, fresh spinach and a mustard vinaigrette. Delicious.


Natalia said…
Looks like a fabulous meal any time of day.
That is a beautiful looking dish! I'm definitely going to try poaching my egg using the mesh strainer way next time.
Portia825 said…
This is possibly blasphemy, but I use an egg poacher. A special pan with little cups that hold the eggs. It also works very well, and seems less difficult, although it does require washing.
lisakwinkler said…
Egg poachers! A bit of butter. Perfect. I have an extra one I can lend you.
Stacey, I'm pretty successful at poaching eggs;simmering water, a little white vinegar, gentle swirl, slide in egg that you have gently broken into a small, shallow bowl and simmer (gently) for about 3 minutes for the perfect solid white, but soft yolk. Pull out with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel. I tried this other method with the mesh strainer and too many yolks broke before I could get them into the water, so I won't be doing it that way. If you want a beautiful poached egg, just gently trim any excess white stuff after it has been drained on the paper towel. Good luck! Angela Muller
Eileen said…
I read about this technique before, but haven't tried it yet. Looks like you have great results!
Anonymous said…
Since I generally do not like runny eggs, the only egg poaching I ever do is with an egg poaching pan like one of your other subscribers mentioned. I also have a microwave egg poacher that works very well (and yes, it has a lid as you do NOT want exploding eggs in your microwave!) My poached eggs must be at least semi-firm. That's just me, I know for some people this is undesirable but hey, to each our own...
Jennifer said…
I admit that I have those awesome little silicone poaching cups and have used them successfully - but really, in the end, I find that a very, very, slowly cooked over-easy egg is more delicious, just as tender and so much fr'eggin' easier. I turn my gas stove on as low as it will go - it takes a couple of minutes for the butter to even melt - in go the eggs - and it then takes several minutes for them to cook enough to turn. Turn them just until there is no slimy white - and done! Super yummy yolk, ever so slightly emulsified, and tender, creamy whites.