Grilled Cheese w/ Cranberry Relish

I hope you all had a wonderful feast with your friends and extended families.

We got to see MY fun family, and most of my husband's family over the weekend here and there.

Eating, drinking, laughing, walking around Manhattan and Princeton; inappropriate conversation (always at my table), and lots of good food (you wouldn't expect anything less from me).

The turkey is finally gone and the gratin dishes are put away until next year, however, I still have cranberry relish leftover.

Here was yesterday's lunch.

An amazing grilled cheese sandwich on fat brioche slices with oozy melted cheese, made in a cast iron skillet.


I used this amazing Vermont cheese called Alpha Tolman, which is my new favorite cheese (good luck finding it!).
It tastes like an Alpine style cheese and is produced at a small farm in Vermont.

My local cheese guy sells it, but you can order it by mail order if you want to try it.
However, a good farm cheddar or Gruyere will do here too.

I used a big slab of good butter (the French kind w/ the fleur de sel....I'm so fancy) and pressed down the brioche slices (a French egg bread, much like challah) filled with slices of cheese and cranberry orange relish.

This was Henry's favorite grilled cheese sandwich to date.

If you have some cran relish leftover from the weekend, make this for lunch or dinner!




Anonymous said…
MY family was lots of fun, too. In their own special inappropriate way. LOVE that little nook instagram - what a great photograph! And you're sitting very pretty on your a**. 50 shades of Stacey gray.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
OK, so I didn't make turkey and cranberry sauce this year, but it's worth making the cranberry sauce just to have this sandwich.
Lucky Henry with his gourmet grilled cheese!
Grilled cheese and cranberry -- thank you! I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow. (If I have the right kind of cheese. Crossing fingers.)