Endive Boats w/ Pear, Beets & Gorgonzola Salad

Here is a great way to start your New Year's eve party right.

These are guiltless little appetizers and they can be made ahead of time.

It is a little salad served in those cute endive boats.
The perfect vehicle for everything.

Feel free to change up the cheese.
You can use gorgonzola, blue cheese or feta.

I chose pears, but of course you can use apples.

I happened to have roasted beets (don't I always have beets in the house???), so added a chioggia (candy stripe) and a golden beet to the salad, but you can leave out the beets if you like.

See, I'm easy today.

Just dice up some roasted beets and pears into tiny dice (remember, if you use red beets, they will bleed).
Add in some toasted walnuts that have been chopped.

Gorgonzola is nice and sticky, and pairs beautifully with the pears. Add the cheese in last.

I make a simple drizzle of fresh lemon juice, white balsamic, a tsp of honey and some olive oil (about a tablespoon of each, that's it).

Keep the salad chilled until you are ready to fill the endive boats.

Can be made 2 hours ahead, kept in the fridge.


and have a HAPPY & HEALTHY new year!!


Anonymous said…
As visually stunning as your xmas Chocolate Bark! This tray always catches my eye. Gorgonzola for life! ps we were @Barclays Center for a Nets game last night. Had a bite at a little hipster hotdog place called Bark. Chocolate BARK, BARClays, BARK. My tail is wagging.
This is what I need to eat daily for 6 months straight! It's colorful, healthy and will not make me gain weight! Cheers to 2014 my friend!
Susan Murphy said…
Happy new year!!! Thanks for all the great recipes during the year!! I love checking everyday for them!
Anonymous said…