Deviled Eggs w/ Smoked Trout & Dill

I am obsessed with deviled eggs.
I love eggs any which way, but there is something aesthetically pleasing about a platter of stuffed eggs.

I even have a pinterest page devoted to these little savory treats.

This particular recipe is also good for breakfast as well as a party appetizer.

Don't buy the smoked trout in a can, here you want the real stuff in the vacuum package.

If you don't have a star piping tip and bag, don't stress, I never did either (I do now).
Just fill a freezer bag w/ the filling and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag.

Squeeze away.

Deviled Eggs w/ Smoked Trout & Dill:

6 hardboiled eggs (I boil mine 10 minutes)
big tablespoon of Hellmann's mayonnaise
a tsp of Dijon mustard
1 tbsp of fresh dill, chopped & some for garnish
a tsp of fresh lemon juice
salt & pepper
capers for garnish
smoked trout, flaked

Cut the eggs in half and scoop out the yolks into a bowl.

Mash the yolks w/ the mayo, mustard and lemon juice.
Season to taste w/ salt & pepper.

Pipe or spoon into the cooked whites and top with a slice of smoked trout and a piece of dill.
Garnish each egg w/ a caper.

Can be made 2 hours ahead (keep covered in the fridge).



Ok these look delicious! Especially with the caper addition, yum. Too bad I will never get to make them- I made a smoked trout dip for Yom Kippur, and people reacted as if I had served them poison. Everyone thought trout was the strangest thing ever. I guess my family is not up on food trends!