Chocolate Dipped Clementines

It's almost clementine season here.

You will start seeing those net bags of winter produce from Spain, Chile and Israel (I have seen them from Morocco too).

I am always happy to see them because I hate peeling oranges.

Clementines are a joy to peel, the skins come right off with a single peel and there's no pits!

Such little treasures.

Here, I melted 4 oz. of Trader Joe's dark chocolate in the microwave and dipped in the clementine slices.

Then I sprinkled some chopped pistachios on top. You could also sprinkle a bit of sea salt instead.

Let harden on a paper lined cookie sheet for an hour in the fridge, and voila! you have these yummy little guilt free snacks.

I am putting them out all thru the holiday season.

They take no time to make and are delicious!


mil said…
Bebe said…
Stacey, is that chocolate TJ's 72% dark Belgian chocolate? (I keep that around for my secret afternoon snack.) Wonderful chocolate in those pound plus bars, scored into squares. And so inexpensive. Thinking about taking these to a Christmas party buffet this weekend.
Natalia said…
yummy! I've been eating TJ's mandarin oranges 2 weeks now, but this is a nice alternative to just having them plain.
I must say - these are some very classy clementines.
Brilliant, I'm making these!
Taste of Beirut said…
These little clementines are perfectly delightful. It will make you feel like you're eating something too good to be healthy, yet it is as healthy as a sweet can get!
Oui Chef said…
Such a pretty and festive sweet to serve up. Happy Holidays, Stacey!
Great idea. Those look so beautiful.
I'm a fan of those pound plus bars at Trader Joe's too.
xo, Rosemary
Karen B. said…
Stacey, Husband and I, friends, just went on our first Christmas Markets river cruise beginning in Prague through Germany and ending in Paris after a high speed train ride between Frankfurt and Paris. We found your (yes, I give you total credit) Fermiere Yogurt crocks in RED for Christmas. Printed on the ceramic pot are the words "Joyeuses fetes" with 3 stars around the words, vanilla flavor. You rock! So do these crocks!!! Thank you.
Stacey Snacks said…
Karen B.,

I am officially JEALOUS!

How wonderful to find that yogurt in the holiday red container!
I can't wait until next Septembre, when I meet w/ Msr. Fermiere again!

Happy Holidays!
Unknown said…
Stacey, LOVE reading ur recipes, stories, etc! brought these chocolate dipped clementines to holiday party and they were loved by all, thanks for sharing all ur great ideas! happy holidays!