Candied Salmon w/ Roasted Beets & Potatoes

This was a happy accident.

My favorite bartender gave me a gift of "Candied Smoked Canadian Wild Salmon".

What is that?

I had to look at the package label, St. Jean's Cannery in British Columbia for the answer.

It's sort of like the kippered salmon I buy at Russ & Daughters only a bit sweeter and the consistency of beef jerky.

It is also known as "Alaskan Salmon Candy" or "Indian Salmon Candy".
Sounds weird, I know, but it tastes delicious. It's addictive.

You can make it yourself at home if you have patience and a smoker (which many of you do).
It's just a brown sugar and salt coating and then it's cold smoked and air dried under a fan.

It's my new favorite thing.

I had a lot of it so decided to make a salad with it for brunch.

I roasted my garden beets and red potatoes together and cooked some hard boiled eggs.

I made a delicious horseradish creme fraiche to drizzle over and invited a couple over for brunch.

I doubt you will ever make this, but if you really want the recipe, then just ask me.


Canada Cuisine said…
This is a Nova Scotia thing for sure.

We used to eat salmon candy with my grandad. He used to smoke and candy his fresh caught wild salmon.

It's a delicacy. How lucky you are to get some!
Another beautiful salad Stacey! I have to say you make the most perfect hard boiled eggs, mine are hideous! It must be that Jersey water.
Lisa Skibenes said…
We usually smoke our salmon with a coating of brown sugar, dill, and salt and pepper. So simple, so delicious. You can also brush it with apple cider vinegar first. So, yes, this looks right up my alley.