Leftover Love: Roasted Root Hash

The best part of this weekend are the leftovers.

I will be eating turkey sandwiches with cranberry orange relish piled with leftover stuffing all weekend.
Otherwise know as "The Gobbler".

Breakfast will be a roasted root vegetable hash with eggs.

I always make extra roasted vegetables so I can make a turkey pot pie or this recipe the next day.

This is nice mix of everything yummy, and I'm calling it a hash.

Make sure you cut up your veggies all the same size.
You can use any leftover vegetables, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, apples, even some leftover stuffing from yesterday would be great.

I roasted sweet potatoes, red beets, carrots and parsnips all on one pan, drizzled w/ olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt. (400F for about 25 minutes). I splashed them with some balsamic vinegar and served them with the turkey. They are delicious at room temp.

The next a.m., fry up your favorite sausages (casings removed) along w/ a chopped yellow onion in a skillet.

Once the sausage and onion is cooked, add the leftover roasted root vegetables to the skillet.
I used fresh sage leaves, but rosemary would be a nice herb too.

Fry up some eggs (if your cast iron skillet is really seasoned, then you can do this in with the hash, but I fry my eggs in a separate pan).

Serve the hash in bowls and top each with a fried egg.
It's also great with scrambled eggs.

This also makes a delicious, simple dinner when it's chilly outside (which it is).

Let the leftovers begin!

Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said…
I have been following u on instagram and all of your food looked so amazing all week!

That sandwich is calling my name!

I love making extra roasted sweet potatoes and other root veggies for the same reason. It's one of our favorite breakfasts too. We usually have it with salmon. When I make my chipotle salmon, I make an extra piece for Sunday breakfast hash. Yum.