Soup Season: Kale, White Bean & Sausage

I came home from vacation to a bumper crop of kale!
What to do with all the kale in my garden?

I am sick of kale salads, truth be told. I never really loved kale to begin with. I only got on that train because everybody else loves it.

Give me an arugula or spinach salad any day.

It's not quite soup season yet, but it's almost here, I can feel it.

I love greens in my soup, so why not throw in some of that hearty kale in a big pot of steamy soup?
Good idea.

This is a DELICIOUS soup, and the kale stands up better in the hot liquid, than most greens.

Sometimes I use andouille, which is smoked sausage, but usually I just chop up some of my butcher's delicious homemade links.

I can make this in my sleep (and I probably do).

Kale, White Bean & Sausage Soup:

2 good quality Italian sausage or andouille (smoked) sausage links, cut up
2 oz. of pancetta or bacon, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, diced
2 celery sticks, sliced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
6 cups of good homemade chicken stock
1 can of cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
handful of fresh lacinato kale leaves, stems removed if they are thick
olive oil
salt & pepper if needed

In a large heavy soup pot, heat some olive oil and cook the pancetta with the sausage meat until all the pink is out and the pancetta is crisping up (about 6 minutes).

Throw in the onion, garlic, carrots and celery and cook a few minutes until the vegetables are soft.

Add in the stock and bring to a boil.

Throw in the beans and kale and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Ladle into bowls and enjoy!

This freezes well, so make a big batch for when that chill hits, and it will be here soon.......


Anonymous said…
My super finicky daughter fell in love with a garlicky kale gratin that we had one Thanksgiving - it's a great way to use up a lot of kale. Let me know if you want the recipe - it's a great cold weather side dish - but cream is involved… it's an indulgence.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
I was planning to do almost exactly the same thing with the remaining kale I've got. It will be great to freeze and eat on a cold wintry day.
Stacey Snacks said…
Would love the recipe for the kale gratin.
I make a spinach gratin w/ breadcrumbs, cream and gruyere that is to die for.

A little cream never hurt anyone!

Thank you.
Natalia said…
It's always a good time for soup, regardless of the season. Your kale soup looks like a real hearty vegetable soup and healthy too!
sixty-five said…
I'm with you on the kale. I will probably use rainbow chard in this.
Anonymous said…
Kale Gratin Recipe That Finicky Daughter Will Eat
(and which she now will make! yeah!)

Ok….I hesitate to post this to you because, you know, the source…some people judge the source….but the dish - it's good, believe me. And simple…and just really good - no, no, I didn't say good-o, or yum-o, or delish. I didn't say those things. But…in this case, they're kinda true.