Farfalle w/ Sausage, Kale & White Beans

If your garden is still producing kale, then here is another easy recipe to use it in.

My fall crop of kale is a curly, lighter variety, not sure of the name.
My May-August crop was Lacinato, or Tuscan kale, which is heartier and blueish in color.

As soon as I pick this stuff, it grows back the next day.
I am thankful.

This is an easy and delicious weeknight dinner, and I make it often.

Farfalle w/ Sausage, Kale & White Beans:

8 oz. of farfalle (bowties)
4 garlic cloves, chopped
big handful of washed kale, stems removed if they are thick
2 good quality Italian sausage links, casings removed
1 can of white beans, drained and rinsed
handful of semi-dried tomatoes (packed in oil), chopped
1/4 cup of chicken broth
hot pepper flakes
sea salt & grated Parmesan

Start the pasta water. Bring to a boil and cook pasta as per directions.

In a large heavy skillet, heat some olive oil and crumble the sausage with the garlic. Cook on medium until sausage is no longer pink.

Add in kale and season w/ kosher or sea salt and red pepper flakes.
Cook the kale until wilted. Add in the stock and beans and simmer 2 more minutes. Keep lid on if pasta is not done.

Save about 1/4 cup of the starchy pasta water and add the cooked pasta to the kale mixture.

Drain the pasta and toss with the other ingredients in the skillet.

Serve in bowls and finish w/ grated Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.



Debby in Tacoma said…
Stacey: I like this idea...all together in one pot. Great dinner for diabetics...I'll try it with Italian chicken sausage.
This is Italian soul food, love it! I have kale coming out of my ears, its growing better now than in the summer. I'm just going to pick it in bunches and freeze it, then break it up and put it into stews and soups in the dead of winter.
Katie C. said…
I make something very similar with broccoli rabe and marscapone. It's such a filling dish. The savory sausage, bitter broccoli rabe, creamy cannelli beans, and sweet marscapone just go great together!