Crisp Fall Watermelon Radish & Apple Salad

I'm happy.

We planted watermelon radishes in the late spring, only to realize that they need 55-65 days before ready to harvest.
Well, it got too hot and none of them made it.

We tried it again in the fall, and voila! We have a whole patch of watermelon radishes in the October garden!
(and they took less than 55 days). Radish loves cool weather.

Watermelon Radish is also known as Rooseheart or Chinese Daikon radish.
I always see them in salads at farm to table restaurants, but can never find them at the market.

Well, now I have my own, and in October to boot!
I told you this was the garden that keeps giving.

Here, I made a simple fall salad w/ some local apples and arugula.
Nothing much to it, but very delicious and pretty.

Fall Apple Radish Salad:

1 apple, cut into matchsticks (I leave skin on)
2 watermelon radish, sliced on a mandolin
bunch of arugula
a few scallions, chopped

1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp white balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil

Mix the apples, radish slices and arugula in a bowl.
Squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the salad.
Then a splash of the vinegar and the oil.

Lightly toss and serve right away.

This is bright and tasty.

Crisp, like October.


SarahBTT said…
I love those things! They are so crunchy you could almost use it as a healthy "cracker" for dips!
Anonymous said…
I just returned from my annual October Cape May trip. At the Ebbitt Room, I had a wonderful dish of strip steak w/mashed potatoes and roasted radishes. Never had roasted radishes before but they were delicious! I was surprised how well they stood up to roasting - no longer crisp and fresh, instead almost like little roasted turnips or parsnips. Very root vegetable earthy. Your crop of watermelon radishes is ravishing! I've only encountered them in restaurant salads - love them.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Those radishes are so beautiful. I used to eat radish salads as a child, grown in my grandfather's garden. I want some of those seeds.
Those are so beautiful, they make your food look like art!
Natalia said…
Wow Stacey - they're beautiful! I really think you should open up a restaurant! I get compliments for trying out the recipes you post.
Mary said…
Lovely recipe! I too am having a hard time finding watermelon radishes. I make permanent wearable art jewelry from vegetables so I'm brokenhearted at not finding any. Would you consider selling me some of yours? Check out my website and drop me an email if you are interested! Watermelon radishes make beautiful jewelry AND salads. Your salad looks like art on the plate!
Stacey Snacks said…

If you live in NJ, I would be more than happy to GIVE you some watermelon radishes…….I am eating this salad (w/ the apples and arugula and radish) as I type!

Let me know!!

Anonymous said…
Those are gorgeous! I'm going on the hunt for seeds….I love, love, love radishes …. and especially with Ian Knauer’s Radishes with Bacon Butter - decadent and addictive