I am Getting Fat: More Eating in Paris SEPTIME

Every sidewalk table we walk by invites us to sit down and enjoy.

I am not a youngster anymore, and these 6 mile a day walks are not doing anything to keep the muffin top off my waistline.

Wine and bread, plus pastries daily (and nightly!), does not help.

I am in love with this beautiful city, and by now we know where to go and where NOT go to for food!

We usually try a few new places, like the hot and trendy Septime in the 11eme.

We were lucky enough to score a reservation at this oh so popular restaurant!
Septime just was awarded 1 Michelin star, and the young chef deserves it.

We chose the degustation menu, a 6 course tasting.
They ask what you DON'T like, and I said oysters and bananas.

Henry said: no mushrooms; eggplant; goat cheese (could be a problem in France); tete a veau; pigs feet; oysters; steak tartare; and no offal for him.

Ok, pain in the ass Americans, let's see what the chef can come up with!

We started w/ sea bass crudo and French radish........grilled calamari w/ red peppers & rhubarb.........bar fish with grilled haricot verts........pork belly with turnips, carrots and beets (w/ some chevre on the side).......all served with unusual and delicious seasonal vegetable sauces.

Dessert was a sweet corn ice cream w/ squash mousse........and a poached fig w/ berry sorbet, shortbread and fromage frais.


We loved the casual laid back atmosphere and friendly waiters here compared to other Michelin star restaurants.
If you can score a hard to get reservation for lunch or dinner here, it will be worth the trouble to get in.

On our way home we picked up some of the best strudel on the planet at Murciano, a Jewish bakery in the Marais.

Thank goodness it's a 3.5 mile walk back to the apartment.


Anonymous said…
Well, as sorry as I am to hear about your muffin top, it helps to hear that you too are experiencing that midlife metabolism slowdown. Sometimes I think it's all in my head but I know it's not - the 'change' is a big deal for us ladies. And I'm 5 years ahead of you, I think, @age 52! With your wonderfully upbeat attitude and culinary talents, you'll be the perfect person to teach us how to prepare delicious and healthy food that will also keep us trim. You've been heading in that direction for sometime already. Hmmm, Stacey Spa Snacks?
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Yes, thank goodness it's a long walk back to the apartment. I'd need a 5 mile walk I think, looking at all the great food you've been eating.
Natalia said…
Based on your photos, I can't imagine you have a muffin top, although if you've gained any weight on this trip - I'm sure you'll take it off quickly. Paris is a foodie paradise, so why not try everything delicious there! Love your photos of the different foods. The sweet corn ice cream sounds very interesting and I'm sure the poached fig was right up your alley. Yummy!
Lisa Faley said…
Every extra little pound is totally worth it, oui!??
Do not even give it another thought....although, I have a feeling you could really care less!
Now this Septime... tell me, should I be calling NOW to reserve a table?!!
Counting down the days now.
Anonymous said…
It's a vaca so enjoy yourself. When I was in Paris a month a go, it seemed hat it was so hot and humid that every step should have take off a lb, but alas, it didn't. You are scoring better restaurants than we did, it was so crowed, and the Parisianers had left for holiday.
Emily Wilson said…
This is funny to hear that during your travel you are getting fat, however no doubt the food of this city is so yummy that you cannot stop yourself from eating, one of my friends is a travel and food blogger he told us that we should try the different dishes of Paris as we were about to travel to France, with our France visa. We came here and tried it and we were thankful to him that he told us such amazing places to try the different dishes which were very delicious and beautifully made.