I am Boring: Paris Again

You might remember last September, when I announced I was going to Paris, yet AGAIN.

I had a few sarcastic comments saying that "I was boring", and "why don't you go somewhere else for a change?"; "it's a shame that you go to the same place every year".

This will be our 8th September in Paris.

If exciting, beautiful cities bore you, then you might want to turn the channel the next few days.

I have lived 20 miles from NYC all of my life, and visit twice a week, sometimes more.

I love cities. I need the stimulation of the museums, restaurants, theatre, constant pulse, creativity, art and people, it never gets old for me.

Each neighborhood in Paris is unique and makes my heart race every time I am there, even after having been there many times.

I haven't even seen half of the city yet!

There are so many new young chefs doing great local things (that foie gras, haute cuisine thing is slowly fading).
Each year, we try the new hot place and meet new and old friends.

We find new streets and neighborhoods that we have never seen before.

This trip, besides boring Paris, we are going to the Champagne region to explore and drink bubbly and to London town for a long weekend of theatre and dinner at Ottolenghi!

Posting will be light this week, however, you can follow my daily eats and pics throughout the trip via my instagram page, or my facebook page.

I hope I can keep you interested and awake thru the trip, and that you don't fall asleep on me.


Now this Paris is boring.



Ciao Chow Linda said…
Paris, like Rome, is one of those places you can visit a hundred times and never tire of. There are always new places to explore and great day trips to be made. How could you possibly be bored? I know you'll love the Champagne region. I hope you go to Reims and explore the town, the cathedral as well as the champagne cellars. Salut!
Unknown said…
who on earth thinks repeated visits to Paris are boring?! No number of trips ever enough to absorb big cities- I work in NYC and wander the same neighborhood every lunch break and still after years find new things all the time. Enjoy your trip, looking forward to your posts!
Natalia said…
Ah Paris.. one of my favorite cities in the world. Not sure how anyone could think Paris is boring, because yes, much like you point out - the different arrondissements offer so much to see and do! Have a great time & I'll live vicariously through your travels..
Bebe said…
Paris boring? Nevah.

Looking forward to your posts - but don't take too much time away from having your own good time. We'll be fine...
June said…
Boring? If only I could be that boring. I can't imagine who would make such a rude comment. It sounds like a wonderful trip--enjoy!
Your Paris trips are far from boring and I always look forward to September and your visit to Paris. Lucky you to be having dinner at Ottolengh.
Anonymous said…
I am a long-time visitor to your website (I think five or six years and counting?) and I've never commented until now: I LOVE that you go to Paris every year. Especially in September, which I think is the best time to go. I always am excited to read your Paris posts and ogle over your beautiful photos of the city (and the food there). Paris, as a classic, is timeless, and worthy of trip after trip after trip. Please keep going there every September (and enjoy your visit!).
Kimt said…
I too love this city. Am here now for 10 days. It is wonderful. We ate at Verjus 2 nights ago. No complaints from me. Have a great time...and cant wait to see what you write about.
Patsy said…
"Paris is always a good idea". Hmmm....who said that? Enjoy!
lisa faley said…
You crack me up!! "This Paris is boring"...LOL
I used to be one of those people who didn't understand going back to the same place more than once.... but I was young and excited to see the world! Then I discovered travel wasn't just about seeing new things every time, but more about getting to know the nuances of a strange place, and falling in love with the culture....
Although I have not (yet) been to Paris (OMG it is coming SOON!), I have a feeling it will most definitely NOT be my first and last.....
Oh, and I too have been to one place over and over again - this March will be our 9th time in Negril :o)
Enjoy and savour each and every moment....until next year :o)
Eileen said…
I could travel every year to France and it would not be enough. I miss it daily and think about it constantly. Each trip is filled with new experiences -- even the places I have been many times. Have a wonderful trip, Stacey!
Rose said…
Bon Voyage! Bon appetite! Everything Parisian is spectacular and one can never tire of it!
Denise said…
Paris is always a good idea! Audrey Hepburn…..and Denise
Oui Chef said…
Paris is NEVER boring! Hope you and hubby have a safe and delicious trip!
I am going to Paris in November (for the 5th time) and am so glad I found your blog! I can't wait to check out some of your recs! I have definitely had people say the same thing - why are you going to Paris again. I hate when people do that! Paris is so amazing, I hope I can go almost every year of my life!