Bites from Boring Paris

I am joking.
Paris is anything but boring!

I am too lazy to do a big post, so will do a recap of the last 2 days.....if you have seen these already on instagram, I am sorry. Look at them again!

Yes, I am in love with pastry here.

The food isn't the best in the world (always better in NYC, Italy, Spain, California......), however, France knows how to do pastry and dairy better than anyone.

Their butter is to die for (I will be smuggling home Bourdier), as is the yogurt and cheese. It's only been 2 days and I am already mooing.

Evening snacks from the boulangerie are always bread, rillettes, anchovies, saucisson and some cheese with a fresh warm baguette.

Chouquette are my favorite, as are any tarts, croissants and bread. I let it all hang out and will worry about calorie counting when I get home.

We visit our favorite restaurants year after year.

The same staff has been here for 7 years......these are professional waiters, not college students or actors trying to make some extra dough. They take their jobs very seriously and they know how to do it right.

I try to drink as much champagne as possible.

Lunch was a nice Croque Monsieur at a brasserie across from the Grande Epicerie.

Where we bought a ton of specialty food items to take home in our luggage. Think Eataly, but way better.

Here is the USA food section.

So glad that Pop-Tarts, Gummy Bears and FLUFF are there to represent (not).

We had some lovely artisanal ice cream on a hot day, and the fellow explained how his little brand uses no GMO's....didn't know they were into that in Paris. (yes, I have seen some gluten free bakeries and products here now).

Of course I have blisters on the back of my heels from wearing shoes I am not used to on my 5 mile walks around the city. You would think I would have learned by now.

We like to take a break and enjoy the scenery wherever we are by having a glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe.

The weather has been sunny and hot, but nice and cool in the evenings.

There are no screens on the windows here, we leave them open all day and all night (we are on the top floor). No bugs or birds have visited us yet!

It's only day 3 and I feel like we never left.

Hope you are enjoying your week, wherever you are.



gourmet goddess said…
... as always your Paris trip never disappoints , but how sad and plastic did the USA FOOD section look .... just saying !

safe travels
Unknown said…
ugh the USA food is a disgrace...but unfortunately at least somewhat accurate.
mil said…
I am NOT kidding but my mouth is watering looking at the bread and pastry. What a town!!!!!
Stacey, you represent well; I licked my lips early and often in this post. It was like I had a mini-vacation over coffee. Thank you for this delicious morning diversion and free trip to Paris.

As one can never have too many food-based vacations, consider a jaunt to the Pacific Northwest. Between Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, some of the best food in the world is yours to be discovered.
Safe travels and many pastries!
Theresa W said…
Wait, your husband takes you to Paris, takes you out for Champagne and dresses to the nines?! You are one lucky girl, Stacey!
Eileen said…
Your little tour of the Left Bank made me feel like I visited Paris this morning. Keep it coming!
Lisa in Indy (your ol' DE friend) said…
Hi, Stacey
Wonderful news so thank you for sharing stories and photos. My son & family were in Ireland and Paris recently and my 8 y.o. grandson has a new love: croissant!
It's great you enjoy your Paris getaway annually. Lisa
Denise said…
What is your favorite restaurant in Paris?