Au revoir Paris 2014

Will we come back to Paris next September?

God willing, as my grandmother would say.

We always say we will go somewhere else, but then we book our trip and look forward to the next time.

We love it so much, here in this beautiful city.

We think about it when we are working, or just lying still.

How much we enjoyed the food, the sites, the new friends we made along the way.

Don't believe all the negative hype you may hear.

That "Parisians are snobs" (there is some truth to that!), and that "they hate Americans" (no they don't!).
That all the food is "so rich with a ton of heavy sauces" (what do you live in the 1980's??)

You get what you put into an experience.

If you are nice and polite and try and speak the language, then how can someone not respond with at least some kindness?

If you are an obnoxious, arrogant, loud person ordering your "decaf cappuccino" or "California Cab" while in Paris, then you get what you deserve.

That goes without saying wherever you are.

See the sites, sit at a cafe and sip some good French wine.

Eat the best bread and butter of your life.

Walk streets off the beaten path.

Drool over the best pastries.
Admire the gorgeous architecture and museums.
and look at the most beautiful and stylish women (if that's your thing).

It's been a great trip, even better than last year.

Thank you for coming along and for all your nice comments throughout.

And to the lovely anonymous commenter who hates me and my "boring hairstyle" (but obsessed with reading my blog):

please, get a hobby.

See you back in Jersey.



Natalia said…
Safe trip back home Stacey! I enjoyed traveling through Paris with you.
Lisa Faley said…
What a delight it was to experience your Parisian holiday vicariously through you! And even a little peak into London.
And lucky me on the timing! I got even more excited about our upcoming trip... only a week now and we too will be posting our pics!
Thank you for sharing with us!
Bisous xo
angiemanzi said…
The photo of you in front of that door is stunning. And that's all I have to say about that. Thank you for sharing.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Oh how beautiful is that street speckled with green plants, that gorgeous framed doorway and the always chic Ms Snacks. You were meant to be Parisian. Safe returns.
mil said…

I agree with Ciao Chow Linda.
Loved every post and picture.
But.,.. how come Henry doesn't like offal? That's news to me since I cooked for him for how many years and never heard a complaint.
love to you both.
Bon voyage,
Funny about your hair commenter--I leave in 6 weeks for London, and in reading your Paris posts have thought, "If only my hair looked that good all the time, the trip would be so much easier!"

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!
Unknown said…
Hi-I am new to your blog but absolutely adore it! And, like you and your husband, Jim and I always say we are going to visit a different location, but when the time comes, we want to go back to my favorite European city, Paris-a sister to my home city, New Orleans. Will try your favorite restaurant in October--Buvette! A tout a leur, Del Lancaster
Mandy said…
I always enjoy reading about your trip to Paris! Glad you both had another great visit. Safe travels home!
Bebe said…
Hurray for you! You have dared to say in print what I have said whenever anyone started ragging on the French and especially on Paris.

I loved to go there, try to blend in, and soak up all the wonders of this beautiful, unique, historical city. The same people who are snobs here when it comes to 'new" or "different" people will go to Paris and expect to be welcomed with open arms regardless of how they behave and what absurd demands they make. (What point is there in visiting a foreign country and expecting everything to be as it was at home?)

I speak almost no French. Just pleasanties like bon jour and bon soir and merci, madam, but they are said with warmth and a smile and most respond favorably. Some are lost in their own worlds - why must everyone like us?

Your hair is great. Very much in style now but classic for all time. As is the rest of your look. I sense the green-eyed hydra raising its ugly head with that naysayer you mention. Fie on her!

Love your blog, love your travel notes and photos...merci, Madam....
Unknown said…
Your reportage is surpassed only by your stylish look.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for including your readers in your experience of Paris .
Absolutely go back every year ! Life is short . When you discover a place that makes you as joyful as this city makes you , you don't need to try other cities. Well. At least not in Setpember. You've found your Happy Place.
Lissa said…
Have been stopping by your site for years and it's starting to feel 'creepy-lurky'. So, suffice to say that I've loved your travelogues, daily recipes and intrepid gardenig. Keep it up!