Summer Salad of Tomatoes & Figs

Here is my favorite combination: Fresh figs and Jersey tomatoes.

Oh boy.

I had local figs and my beautiful cherry tomatoes picked fresh off the vine.

Inspired by Marie's book, 66 Square Feet A Delicious Life.

Here's how:

Plate quartered, ripe figgies on a platter, and add some arugula and halved tomatoes (any summer variety will do).

Drizzle some white balsamic vinegar over the platter and drizzle w/ good olive oil.

Shred fresh mint leaves and basil leaves over everything and serve right away.

Summer's best.

I'm happy.


Katie C. said…
Do you plant a second crop of basil? The stuff that we planted in spring is looking pretty anemic at this point. Is it too late to try to plant more?
Stacey Snacks said…
Hi Katie,

Yes, our herbs peter out usually mid July, so Henry plants new ones so I aways have 3 basil and parsley plants going.......I even have little seedlings popping up so I will have parsley until October.....

It's been a terrible season for basil here in NJ, lots of disease, one of my varieties had done very well, but the others, not so great.

Marie said…
Looks gorgeous!