What's for Lunch? Beet Caprese

I can't eat tomatoes EVERY day!

So lunch today will be a take on a caprese salad, using my garden fresh beets (instead of tomatoes for a change).

Slice and pair roasted beets w/ fresh mozzarella (the kind packed in water) and some nice slices of ripe avocado.

Sprinkle everything with Maldon salt and pour some chive beet vinaigrette around the plate.

Tuck a basil leaf in between and enjoy.

You can also supersize this to make for a party.............

Have a nice day.


Natalia said…
Yum! Looks awesome!
Ciao Chow Linda said…
You are one of the few people I know who loves beets as much as I do. This beautiful salad will be most welcome any day for lunch - or even dinner. Heck, I'd love it for breakfast too.
Patsy said…
Don't ya just love summer?