What's for Breakfast? Toasted Quinoa, Kale & Poached Egg

What's for breakfast?

Quinoa, that's what. 3 days in a row.

This is a GREAT, healthy way to start the day and it takes no time.

I happen to have a bountiful crop of lacinato kale right here in a planter on my driveway.
It's a hearty grower.

I pick a bunch almost everyday.

Make a big batch of quinoa (so you have it for a few days).

In a non-stick skillet, heat some olive oil with a small minced garlic clove and add the chopped kale (stems discarded).
Toss around for a minute or two and add in the cooked quinoa to the pan.

If you would like, be my guest, dirty another skillet and cook your egg, however, I like to save a pan and cook the egg right next to the quinoa and kale. It can be done.
(you can also poach an egg if you are good at that, which I am not).

Season w/ sea salt & pepper.

I like my yolk to run thru the rest of the stuff on the plate.

Can't wait till tomorrow, so I can have this again!

Have a good day.



Natalia said…
Brilliant minds think alike. I have a late start in reading your blog but just finished eating a dish similar to this one (sans the quinoa). We got back late last night from our house in the Catskills where we planted kale and I brought some back. Had sauteed kale with garlic and leeks and an over-easy egg. The addition of quinoa sounds great - will try it that way next time. :)
Cassie said…
I'm a copy cat.
Just made this with spinach instead of kale. so easy and good!!!

A new breakfast! thank you Ms. Snacks!
My kale is coming in too like crazy but everytime I go to pick some I get attacked by mosquitos, they're brutal here and they go for the face! But I want this for breakfast... I'm itching as I write this.
Wuda B said…
Had this for a little brunch both Saturday & Sunday. Ms. Snacks hits a home run once again !!!! Thanks so much!