MCG Tomato Journal

I know you have all been waiting for a good MCG post.

The powers that be haven't really bothered us this season at the Militant Community Garden with nagging and complaining and notices and threatening emails, so I have nothing really to report!

It's been a slow growing season after such a harsh winter I guess, and we got a late start planting in the spring with freezing temps all the way thru April.

My green beans are 2 weeks late, and my tomatoes have also been on the late side, but I am finally in business until September.

There is something legendary about Jersey Tomatoes.

Not sure what it is, or why, but our tomatoes and corn are wonderful.

Maybe it's the pathetic short growing season we have here in the Garden State (about 8 full weeks) that makes us so appreciative and proud of our Jersey tomatoes.

Next year, I am just going to plant regular old red, Rutgers & Ramapo NJ slicing tomatoes. They are not as tempermental as heirlooms and are ready during the earlier part of the season.
For some reason, I have this fondness for heirloom tomatoes, I have to be fancy.

My first born in the garden are these lovely Japanese Black Trifle variety.

Very nice flavor, and abundant on the vines! An easy grower.

Second is my Lemon Boy (I just like saying the name).

Yellow tomatoes are always pretty in the garden, and in a salad, they brighten up the plate.

I always plant Sweet 100's, which are the best cherry tomatoes, in my opinion.
and to go with them, I grow these lovely yellow pear, which make a nice contrast to the roundness of the cherry tomatoes in a salad.

We have Mortgage Lifter, Persimmon heirlooms, Brandywine and Green Zebra, all have been really delicious and unique.

For the next few weeks, you will be seeing a lot of Caprese salads and tomato dishes on my instagram account, so I hope you love tomatoes as much as I do.


Mil said…
good morning Dil,

what a beautiful picture!! So many shapes and colors and all will be delicious. If you happen to have too many, you know our address.
Happy summer,
Unknown said…
photo is gorgeous! I share your love of the heirlooms, I can never resist buying way more than I need at the farmer's markets in the city.
Natalia said…
Gorgeous photo of your tomatoes. We are in a similar boat - finally the yellow and red cherry tomatoes are coming in, as are our yellow larger tomatoes. The red tomatoes are behind, although we planted all of them at the same time. I think with the strange weather we've had - that made an impact on the growing season.

I've made several tomato salsas and am just enjoying them with mozzarella and our grown basil. Hope you are doing the same.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
There's nothing like Jersey tomatoes. I always plant some early girl to make sure I have an early supply - and they came through for me this year too. I planted eight different varieties this year, but no yellow ones. And you're so right about how pretty they look on a plate or in a salad with the other ones. Those heirlooms do have more flavor in my opinion, so I'll keep one or two in the mix.
John said…
Gosh, what I would do for that plate of tomatoes you have! I'm just north of Boston and have another week, at least, before my tomatoes ripen. So far, I've had just 4 Sungold cherry tomatoes, which I ate on the spot, seconds after picking. I will be watching for your recipes!