Summer Solstice Dinner in the Shed

Remember last year when I posted about a very talented woman making delicious lunches out of her shed in her backyard?

Well, she's at it again.

Carolyn had her first pop-up dinner party in her shed this past weekend to celebrate the summer solstice.

It was a sit down dinner for 10 people with wine pairings chosen by her friend Connie, who is a certified sommelier.

This was a special evening.

I hesitate sitting down to dinner with a bunch of strangers (like those scary bed & breakfasts, where you are FORCED to eat breakfast with people you don't know.....makes me cranky), but I like a challenge.

Luckily, this group was all food friendly.

No one was gluten free, no one was lactose intolerant and it seemed even everyone ate meat!

The menu was gorgeous, and Carolyn makes every last bit from scratch, down to the last course.

The herbs and greens are all from her garden.
The local cherries were dried overnight in the oven for the wild rice pilaf.
The soup stock was made from corn cobs and corn milk.
The fantastic bread was made from a sourdough starter she has been carrying around for 19 years.

Here are the highlights.....hope you are hungry.

There was bubbly and cheese and olives on the patio to start.

Then a "solstice soup":

a corn chowder (sans cream) with a British curry and prosciutto crisps.

The next course was a beautiful Copper River "solstice" salmon cooked sous-vide on pea shoots w/ pea mash and peeky toe crab and a vidalia onion ring (WOWZA)................

The main course was a filet of beef on top of zucchini wrapped with herbed chevre and a wild rice with dehydrated cherries (better than any restaurant).

and to end the meal, we were served a gorgeous roasted strawberry crumble w/ homemade strawberry ice-cream paired with a Moscato d'Asti. Divine.

This was a labor of love for the chef, and we loved every bite!

I love the idea of pop-up dinners and gourmet clubs in your neighborhood, it allows you to bring people together who have a love of food and conversation (I think I fall into both categories!).

Happy Summer!


mil said…
What a lovely, delicious looking dinner. My mouth is watering.
Not your normal "shed", right?
Lynn said…
OH wow!
I went to Panetica last summer and loved it, thanks to you.....looks better than a restaurant!

Anonymous said…
I remember this woman from your post last year, what a talented chef she is.

When are you doing popups in your shed Ms. Snacks?
Your B&B comment made me chuckle, Stay! This dinner celebration looks so fabulous..I was interested in the wine selections so it was nice to see the menu. I see a restaurant in this woman's future!
Natalia said…
OMG - you had a weird B&B experience too? I'll probably never return to one!

This meal looks amazing & making new foodie friends is always good.
That woman is amazing! I love her menu and I want that shed! Tell Henry to build you one, this has your name all over it!
Carolyn said…
What a great way to celebrate the much needed arrival of summer!
Gorgeous food and setting!

Thank you for taking me along.
Anonymous said…
I don't know how you do it, Ms. Snacks. I attended 2 graduation celebrations, and had a total of 2 alcoholic drinks this weekend, and I'm kaput. The shed food looks fab, but the portions are mammoth - that's food for a week for me. Where do you put it? Vanilla lace top is lovely, btw.
Stacey Snacks said…
Yes, the portions were very generous, and I ate almost every bite!

I am detoxing this week until next week when I have another chef's pop-up! I overdid it this weekend for sure.....

the lace top is a lace dress, and thank you! xo
Patsy said…
I may have to move to NJ. We never have anything this cool on our side of the Hudson in CT. Time to cross the river!