May Random Bites

Happy Memorial Day, I am sure no one will be reading me today, but thought I would say hello.


Had some friends over for a Memorial Day BBQ yesterday.

Grilled some good stuff and made too much food (as usual).
Henry looks happy.

Recipes to come.

I forgot to tell you that I made a batch of chive vinegar to use in vinaigrettes.
You just steep the flowers (after they have been washed and dried) in a jar w/ champagne or white wine vinegar and hide in the basement for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, strain the flowers out and you will have a lovely vinegar, tasting a bit like chives.

I love presents.
I received a very cool box of organic healthy snacks from Love With Food.

Each month a box of delicious treats arrive at your door for you to try.
Everything is organic and the price is very reasonable.

Check them out.


I received some containers of Oikos Frozen Greek Yogurt to try via mail............before I get to the product review, let me tell you what a dope I am.

I had no idea the box was packed w/ DRY ICE. I thought that they were ice cubes, so I dumped the bag into my sink and down the garbage disposal they went.

It was like a chemistry lab. A big cloud of smoke filled up my kitchen and I panicked. I went online to see what to do.......should I call the fire department?

Dry ice can be dangerous if you touch it, you could be burned......also DO NOT throw it down your toilet or could freeze the pipes. It turns out that the smoke is only carbon dioxide, but you still have to be careful with it.

I quickly put on rubber gloves and fished out most of the cubes. After about an hour, the smoke dissipated and I was able to use my sink again.

Oh, and how was the yogurt?
I may never buy ice cream again. The vanilla was so fabulous, only 3 grams of fat, all natural, and high in protein.

My new summer snack.

Last weekend, we went to Rhinebeck, NY for a wedding.
It's a beautiful little town filled with farms and artists, and you know what that means!


We ate at a great place called THE LOCAL, all farm to table goodies from local sources. Check out their cool menu.

Of course I was prepared and brought a cooler with me so I could go to the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market.

Asparagus and radishes galore.......we met an interesting guy who left his day job and moved to Tuscany in 2003 to learn the art of cheesemaking........he fell in love with an Italian girl and the rest is history.

Jody & Luisa have a working sheep farm up here in NY state and make Pecorino cheese the traditional Tuscan way from their sheeps' milk. They also make their own capicola and salumi, which was the best we have ever had.

Dancing Ewe Farm: Check them out. They do mail order too (I already placed my order!).

oh yeah, and I made a beautiful Salade Nicoise with purple potatoes.

Why am I so attracted to purple produce? purple basil, purple potatoes, and purple cauliflower?
I hate Barney.

Have a happy Memorial Day! Stay safe and have fun.



Bebe said…
I am reading you today. As I do almost every morning. Happy Memorial Day!

Your BBQ looked splendid, as does your yard - and your husband. And your whirlwind "bites" were fun to read.

We "staycayed", and today it will be laundry...masses of laundry.

Thanks for your window to your world...
KT said…
I'm reading (and baking)! Thanks for your inspiration. Happy Memorial Day from Iowa!
Natalia said…
I am reading (although later in the day). After learning about ramps from you, I looked for them on our Catskills property on Saturday and found some! Not enough to make ramp butter but enough to have with some great eggs for breakfast.

I absolutely love Oikos yogurt, so I'm sure the frozen yogurt is fabulous as well!

As for Rhinebeck, it's one of those places that you never tire of visiting. One of my favorite hikes in the Rhinebeck area include Poet's Walk. You should check it out the next time you're up there - it's a walk anyone can take and the views are breathtaking! Hope you had a nice Memorial Day!