Little New Potatoes w/ Chive Blossoms, Creme Fraiche & Truffle Oil

My new favorite bouquet of flowers is a bunch of purply chive blossoms!

I love them and have them on my counter all month. They smell a little bit like onions, but who cares.

This season, I promised myself I would use the flowers just as much as the delicate green chives in recipes.

They are edible and so pretty as a garnish.

I used them in my pea leek soup, a spring couscous salad, and a chive blossom vinegar, which smells heavenly (I'm not sure what I will use the vinegar for).

I loved Lori Lynn's Precious Potato Bites, so I followed her lead.

It's a take on the baked potato w/ sour cream and chives.....only in a mini version, and way better.

Here, I roasted little spring new potatoes w/ olive oil and kosher salt (375F for 35 minutes).

Smashed them just a little w/ a fork.

A drizzle of good truffle oil from Italy, and a dollop of creme fraiche.
Garnish with chive blossoms, some sea salt & a grind of black pepper.

Plop in mouth.

Pretty delicious.


Oui Chef said… simple, yet so pretty and delicious looking. Can't wait to try these!
Simple to do but so elegant looking! I'm using my chive flowers because of you!
Natalia said…
I'm not big on truffle oil but will try these. Any idea what else I can "top" these with in place of the truffle oil?