Late Night Snacks: Buttered Crackers w/ Dates

I like to eat at night.
There, I've said it. I'm a midnight muncher.

I always eat cheese before bed, and maybe some cookies and milk or ice cream.

It's a craving for dairy, I guess (it could be why I sleep 9 hours without a flinch).

I would much rather eat at 10 p.m., than 10 a.m.

When I am out of cheese (which is rare), I make this strange combination.

I found this in Volume 3 of Canal House Cooks a few years back and I was hooked.

Take some buttery crackers (like Breton or Ritz) and swipe with some good French butter (or Irish Kerrygold).

Slice plump Medjool dates in half (remove the pit obviously) and lay them on top.

Plop in your mouth and go to bed.

You could even eat these during the day if you dare.

They don't call me "Snacks" for nothin'.

Have a great weekend. :)

PS I just thought of it, but these would be good on matzoh too!


Natalia said…
Love your sense of humor Stacey! Sounds like a great & healthy combo - salty (crackers) & sweet (dates). Can't go wrong there.
Anonymous said…
Love this combo!
Anonymous said…
I just ate a medjool date for my "breakfast dessert". Never thought about putting them on a buttered butter cracker! That will be my snack this afternoon ~ oh ~ will have to do that after I buy butter crackers! Thanks for your deightful blog. We love your recipes! Blessings, Cathy in Idaho
I will have to try this. Another late night snacker here too. And we always have plenty of