Parlez Vous Francais? Cookies w/ Chocolate & Nuts

Those who know me, know that I love languages.

I speak nothing perfectly.

My English is very New Jersey, with a little bit of a New York accent thrown in.

My French is up to first year college level, and I still can't have a conversation; and my Italian is the same, only with a good accent.

However, I speak food fluently.

I can order in any French restaurant in France, and the same goes for Italy.
I can understand the waiters if they speak slowly enough, and I certainly know how to point.

But I like a challenge.

Everyday I read this French food blog called Mais pourquoi est-ce que je vous raconte ça... (Dorian's Cuisine). I believe it translates to "why am I telling you this?".

This Monsieur is an animal.

Though I can not really understand most of his posts, his photos are enough to make me bookmark his recipes.

He cooks everything I love.
His photos are beautiful and he is witty and sarcastic too (my kind of guy).

I try and convert the metric measurements to US equivalents to the best of my abilities (and the help of a google converter), and enjoy the challenge.

This recipe is simple enough. How can I mess up some cookies?

Let's learn French.

Dorian's Cookies w/ Nuts & Chocolate: (Cookies aux noix et au chocolat)

1 œuf (1 egg)
90g de sucre (1/4 cup sugar.............*I used 1/3 cup)
180g de chocolat noir (vous pouvez bien sûr aussi utiliser du chocolat au lait) (about 3/4 cup of dark or milk chocolate)
120g de beurre (8 tbsp of 1 stick of butter, softened)
120g de farine (1 cup of flour)
½ càc de levure chimique (1/2 tsp of baking powder)
90g d'un mélange de noix et de noix de pécan (about 1/4 cup of mixed nuts, chopped)
quelques pincées de cristaux de sel (a pinch of Maldon sea salt or fleur de sel)

Mix the sugar with butter and egg until light.

Add in the nuts, flour, sea salt and baking powder.

Chop the chocolate and microwave for 20 seconds in a Pyrex glass measure, until just the tips are starting to soften.

Swirl in the batter to create a marbleized effect.

Chill the batter for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 350F and line 2 baking sheets with a Silpat or parchment paper.

Using a rounded tablespoon measure, plop tablespoonfuls of batter onto the baking sheet.

Bake 13 minutes.

Transfer cookies to a cooling rack and let cookies cool.

Simple et délicieux!


SarahBTT said…
Get a kitchen scale, please! It will change your life - no more converting!
Amanda said…
Stacey, you are such a clever and witty writer, and a clever and witty cook! You are adorbs. When I lived in Rome, food fluency became the most critical aspect of life! Every conversation turns to food within 15 minutes anyways there. Yes, food is the gateway to language acquisition! As it should be.
Catherine said…
Yes, do get a scale, with both grammes and ounces. It's much easier to not have to convert, and more accurate. Why do the conversion thing? These cookies do look rather good. I have some Welsh sea salt mixed with vanilla I could try. I love fleur de sel and buy mine at the Poilane Bakery in London. Have you every been to the Poilane Bakery in Paris?
Patsy said…
Stick with the Google Converter. You are indeed a girl who likes a challenge!
Eileen said…
Thank you for turning me onto this website. I now go to it everyday, too!
Stacey Snacks said…
I have a scale! I like the challenge! and learning a language!
Anonymous said…
Chocolate being one of my favorite foods, I made this recipe yesterday. OMG! I love them. They are the best tasting chocolate cookies ever. I used an 83% all dark chocolate because that was what I had in the cupboard and 1/4 cup sugar. Since I am the only one eating these in my household, I also like that this recipe produces a small batch of dough from which I yielded about 20 cookies. Thank you for this recipe. Rose Ann