MCG Winter Update

Good News:
We have been allowed to come back to the Militant Community Garden after all.

We are doing our penance by re-staking and taping all of the 100 plus plot stakes with new numbers and letters purchased by us at Home Depot.

These photos were taken only two days ago! and I'm not ice fishing!

There is still 5" of compacted snow at the MCG. The entrance had not been plowed the entire winter, but we decided to start the process anyway and get a head start.

We could barely open the gate.

Don't I look thrilled?

I am looking forward to a prosperous gardening season, but it seems like it is so far away.

Our seeds are ordered for our 4 plots, and I can't wait to have some FRESH PRODUCE to create recipes cooking repertoire has been a bit flat in the healthy recipe department lately, enough stews and carbs already.

It was 60F yesterday, so I am hopeful that most of that white stuff is melted........let's get this show on the road already.

All is forgiven (?), and I will try and behave.

;) wink, wink.


SarahBTT said…
Oh I love this! You guys worked so hard! What great members of the community garden! They are lucky to have you back!
Anonymous said…
You've made my day! I am so happy that you are back at the MCG, they are my favorite posts!

We also have a lot of snow and it seems like spring will never come. Fun post!
Annette said…
Love your blog & especially those recipes. Too bad you're not here in SoCal; you could be growing things all year. Besides, we like our gardeners to be a little "militant" :-0
I love the MCG posts!! It is difficult to imagine the snow will be gone soon....